Rocks, Rivers & Reggae

Here in the Khumbu, we like to climb steep ice, hike long days, and jam out to Bob Marley. Ty has introduced me to the wide world of reggae music, much to my moms dismay. I could literally hear her despair through the phone as I excitedly recounted my recently-gained knowledge of the nuanced music world.

So, after an evening spent jamming out in the tent to Bob, Prodige, and Chronixx, we awoke the next morning to a bluebird day and had a successful ascent of Island Peak (20,300 ft.). Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Although my first summit of a 20,000 foot peak was quite exciting, there are also many things that make this trip what it has been for me. One of such things is a newly acquired nickname, D.B.S. Said acronym stands for Dumpy Butt Singer, a result of the way my pants now fit my because of the unavoidable weight loss that comes with high altitude. But it isn’t all serious climbing and making fun of each other. Pasted below for your viewing pleasure is a beautiful poem Melissa composed as an ode to my power foods.

In the land of mountains and never ending trails, there are a few things that always make the tales. People question- from where does the power come? And where in the world do I find me some? You can get creative, or just go with what’s known, and get your power from the local things grown. It’s a simple fix of rice, lentils, and curry too, and it is the exact mix that will power you. Add the sweet crunch of a coconut biscuit, and you will find the energy that for any quit. Over passes, and all through the hills, Dal Baht and coconut Crunchies are what fills, not only the your belly but your heart too,
This is the Khumbu food that powers you.

So that about sums things up for now, but stay tuned for more coming up soon. Tomorrow we are going to make another attempt at Lobuche Peak (20,000 ft.) and try to sleep on the summit. More to come!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    good rhythm takes you off the path. keep charging!!!


  2. Amy Singer says:

    Hi Elliot…you share those DBS initials with your Dad! Meanwhile, it’s your life and so you get to choose the drummers whose beat takes you through. I can’t imagine that reggae is going to put a damper on your mom’s love for you and pride in your accomplishments. Rock on!


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