Potatoes, Anyone?


Today I had an adventure. Melissa and Ty sent me to fetch 13 pounds of potatoes from the nearby village of Khunde. After breakfast I set out, armed with a small backpack with a bit of money, my iPhone, and a water bottle. I walked out of the teahouse with them laughing behind me, good natured teasing. The potatoes were for lunch, when we would have a “rigi kur” the traditional Sherpa potato pancakes. I made my way up over the hill behind Namche, feeling surprisingly fast thanks to the lightest backpack I had carried in weeks. One my way up, I passed an American women in her twenties, who immediately stated quite loudly, “Kids don’t feel altitude like adults.” Whatever. I was getting used to these types of comments from people, and they didn’t bother me much anymore. I crossed the airstrip, which you most likely would not want to land on, due to its dirt covered, rock laden, and somewhat sketchy nature. After about twenty five more minutes walking up hills, around rocks, and past prayer stones, I arrived in Khunde. I asked a few locals for directions to the Panorama Teahouse, and finally managed to locate the green-shuttered building, and asked the man inside for 6 kgs of potatoes. I payed the 325 Rupees, or about $3.25 and stuffed the sack of potatoes into my pack, shook his hand, and walked out of Khunde, and back down to Namche. Panting and sweating, I arrived to our where we were staying and peeled off my sweaty t-shirt, heading directly into the shower. It was one of those once-in-a-blue-moon hot Khumbu days, with barely a whisper of wind. We spent the rest of the day giving Ty a haircut, eating rigi kur and hanging around. We are staying the next four days in thicker air, resting in Namche before we go head to Kyajo Ri. I am catching up on schoolwork, and letting my sore muscles recuperate. More later on our rest day festivities, but I’m out for now.

P.S. Happy Nepali New Year! It is the year 2073!

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