Karl the Fog

A lot of you have heard of Karl the Fog, the infamous San Francisco weather system. You can even follow him on Instagram @karlthefog. It’s legit.

Anyways, Karl took up temporary residence over the Khunde Pass, leaving us completely disoriented as we tried to ascend the valley. It was the first day out on our mission to climb Kyajo Ri. After blundering around for a couple hours looking for the pass, we gave up, pitching our camp on the side of the hill, about two miles from where we started. Not a lot of ground covered on day one.

Our next big problem was water. Because we hadn’t planned to bivouac, we had no known water source. So, after a quick meeting, it was decided that I would go to the nearest village for water while Ty and Melissa set up camp. Armed with a radio and two hundred rupees, I began the hour long walk to Khunde. I followed the water pipe down, tortured by the sound of unattainable trickling water. As I walked, a concrete platform 200 yards away caught the corner of my eye. I stopped, and thought I heard a more vigorous sound of water than was being projected by the pipe. Could it be? I hurried over, and to my joyous surprise, there was a well, covered by two pieces of concrete with a small crack in between. I quickly pulled bottles out of my pack and lay down on my stomach to fill them up. The crack was too thin, but by tying a rope around the most slender bottle and lowering it into the crack to fish out water, I was able to get enough water to last us until the next day when we were able to move on. I was ecstatic, to say the least. Walking to Khunde and back in the cold fog wasn’t my top choice of activity in that particular moment (or ever). More later. I have to go fish out some more water for oatmeal. Wish me luck.

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