Elliot at Sea Level

Well, I’m back where I started. Where hot showers are only a flight of stairs away, and fresh fruits sits on the countertop in mouth-watering amounts. The readjustment is stark and difficult; living at 20,000 feet is not comparable in almost any way. I am taking the week off school, heading up to Stinson Beach for some decompression and relaxation. But when I feel like a foreigner in my own house, an imposter in my hometown, I always remind myself, “You are the same kid you were up there. Yeah, its thousands of feet lower, but its the same planet, even the same side of the equator. The currency is different, but the universal language of love and laughter is still the same. You still put your pants on two legs at a time, and brush your teeth before you go to bed. Dreams are still dreamt at night, and can still be followed during the day. Different place, same person.” And it helps. It really does.

I put together a slideshow of pictures, and have been showing it to all of my friends. It is amazing to see them in awe of the beauty, to let them in to a little piece of my world. Thanks for all the beautiful photography Tyler.

It seems there is little new to tell as I am back in the thick air, but I promise to keep writing as I readjust to my new (old) life.

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  1. Diana Kappp says:

    Please keep blogging now that you are back at sea level. we love hearing what is on your mind, because you express it so beautifully.


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